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F a r i d - H a m e d i / 1980 / IRAN / Kermanshah

He started his artistic endeavors since he was 17 years old with music and learning to become a guitarist, as a result of which, he performed a number of concerts in different cities across Iran. Parallel to acquiring the music and playing in the concerts, he developed an interest in literature and story writing. When he was 19, he published his first work, named ‘A Flower in the City of Thorns”. He then continued his academic studies at the university in graphic designing, at the end of which he founded his private company called Picado and carried on with his professional activities. By 2010, he had designed more than 200 music albums. His posters have made been exhibited in more than five international poster festivals, including the Golden Bee Biennial Festival in Moscow, the Slovanian Poster Festival and the Czech Poster Competition, etc. in 2011, he published his second book called ‘The Poplar Leaves’. It was at this time and following acquaintance with East European arts that he decided to collate his works of arts in literature, graphics and music in the form of modern arts. Hence, he started producing and directing video-arts. His visual works such as ‘Theatre for the Artist’, ‘The train that never stopped’, ‘The Tarnished Mirror of Existence’ and ‘The Brain and the Border’ have been screened in more than 40 international festivals.

  • Music 15 Years.
  • Literature 13 Years
  • Graphic 12 Years
  • Director 03 Years



Best Features

Poster design

The posters designed by Rohina embrace topics related to arts and culture—from music, theatre, painting and literature—with not a single commercial work among them. The profound impact of the Polish School is obvious in his works.  A considerable number of these works have been exhibited in festivals in Moscow, Slovania, the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries.


Two books and a number of arts critics have been the main products of the artist’s works in literature. Most of his critics address music, theatre and painting.


Directing video-arts and performance have been among trans-modern genres in which Rohina has been actively involved in line with his other endeavors in graphics, literature, music, etc. in the international arena. His works have been screened in international festivals in Venice, California, Greece, Poland, Peru, Germany, Lithuania, France, Spain, etc. He has received a strong impact from the conceptual cinema in Poland and Greek.


He started learning to play his key instrument, the guitar, since he was a teenager while developing a profound interest in Flamenco and Jazz. He has performed many concerts in different cities across Iran and has held and organized event a greater number for other musicians in Tehran and other cities. His second instrument is Latino percussion, with which he has accompanied a number of musicians in their concerts.

Designing Music Albums

Due to his acquaintance with music in the college years and prior to his academic studies in Graphic Designing, as well as a long-standing cooperation with the most credible music center in Iran, the Beethoven, he has designed more than 200 music albums in Polish School. A number of these works have been selected for the Golden Bee Biennale in Moscow, and the Celebration of the Music House in Iran.

Picado Co.

Under Rohina’s leadership and management, his company Picado has been carrying out numerous projects related to arts and culture, among which working with the Music Faculty of Tehran University, the United Nations Development Program- UNDP, Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Art & Culture Organization of Tehran’s Municipality can be named at macro-policy level client.


All Services

Art Management

Picado is prepared and willing to collaborate with the artists at a certain level high international standards in art management. Strategic and macro-management of cultural project at wide-ranging levels is among the capacities of Picado.

film directing

Filmmaking and directing is yet another service and capacity offered by Picado. Cultural and international projects requiring smart cultural management could enjoy greater audiences through screening video-arts and movie which are broadcast in well-known networks and media. As one of the founders of using video-arts as a medium of expression in Iran that has experienced a number of successful and prosperous screenings across the globe, Rohina is considered as a commendable representative for the Iranian pioneer artists.

graphic and design

Picado offers design, graphics and advertising services (printing books, catalogues, emblems and logos).

What they say

Farid Hamedi? Which Farid Hamedi? Strange graphic artist? The painter and the critic are against the direction of what is fashion? Director and producer of video arts have suspended from the twentieth to the twenty-second century? An unpredictable guitarist and percussion player? Now, whatever you want, you know it yourself. But about Farid Hamedi who is my friend and the resultant of all above and multiplied, I have to say you have any projects, just try to say a short sentence about your request. Of course, I hope you have the ability to say in one sentence, then he gazed at your eyes and made a mysterious silence… it means it’s done. Go to your home, enjoy your coffee, rest, continue your life, and do not follow the work. Do not show off your knowledge and do not even call him. Be assure and feel comfortable. Soon you have something beyond your imagination. I should say that… .
Karen Homayounfar Composer
Farid Hamedi: I like his smiles, honesty and companionship.Farid Hamedi: I like his reverence to Ahmad Shamlu (Contemporary Iranian poet), the avant-garde poetry and his understanding of poeticism. Farid Hamedi: I like his understanding of colors and frames and his outlook of image.Farid Hamedi has a first-hand experience of war, and still carries impacts of the war incidents.He has experienced authorship as well. These all being experiences made up of the same context as life itself and not just a bunch of haphazardly collated attempts. Farid and I have decided to create works joining music and image; a few video-arts count as the fruits of this existential tie so far, which I cherish and the memories of which I adore. Farid is someone who does not only look at his own country in his works: he focuses on the issue of 'human' from different perspectives. He looks at 'tomorrow'. He is of the artists who understand the principles, and has chosen 'working' and 'creating' over the mere 'nagging'. He loves what he does--and I love these all.
Hamidreza Dibazar Dean of The Music Faculty, Arts University.



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Video Art

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Point of view

“An artist is not a solitary genius; neither is he a sacred aura attached to his works. The artist is closely tied up with the people, society and milieu. He receives the impacts from all around him, and can eventually and mutually influence them. The relationship is a living tie. No borders can confine the artist within its boxes and lines, for, the tones, issues, challenges and shades that impact him are infinite and not bound to a certain setting. My video arts solemnly, but artistically proclaim the voices of the communities in which I dwell, or take my journeys. My vision, inspiration and creation reflects my outlook towards the world around and continue to be closely associated with various aspects of the human life, his individual and collective stories. The rise of the new millennium has given way to a new paradigm; one which does not allow for the artists’ solitude and segregation from the world around; one which shifts the way they create and collaborate. To me, making the work of art is a not a mere process. It is a journey; a journey both from the world within and towards it.”

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